Monday, July 20, 2009

Daydream Believer

sometimes i wonder about what could be. and then i break down. the stuff you say tends to scare me, and then i want every dream of mine to be lucid. i worry if it tends to be me.

and i don't care what they say about how when you have nothing to lose you're free to do anything, because i'm still terrified.

and i carry a poem in my pocket that i wrote for you. the paper it's written on is tattered from me touching it. plus, it's incredibly cheesy - but it helps me forget how i'm always too polite.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


sometimes i sit still and i just think. i think up and think out all my insecurities.

i bask in them. and when i'm done i feel better. because after all they're just ideas, and concepts, and feelings of powerful emotion swirling and picking up the debris of my life in their tracks. and well, i'm better than that right?Align Center

i used to feel stifled by this crap, but lately i feel freed by speaking to it. i let it get the best of me, but now everything that's left is more endearing to me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Apology Accepted, Disrespected, Then Neglected

sorry for all the excuses i ever threw your way

they clogged us like traffic heading down the freeway

and if you could only dance, and maybe let me see

i'd say the things to you that you'd never say to me

so flourish while i labor to carve out a sign

quite similar to the one you read

when i lost track of time.

and if i climbed our light post to get a perfect view

i'll come down just in time for having missed you.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trash Is My Treasure

so i remember a while back those fancy soups waged a war against poor ol campbells for being mostly water. of course in the nature of corporate competition campbells quickly introduced the world to campbells chunky. as i recall from the commercials a guy eating condensed soup was shunned by his peers who considered the soup unsatisfactory and "childish". i always thought it to be a pretty stupid ad campaign and i dont really think you have to sell the fact that non-condensed soup is better. however, consider this: would it seem right to place a bunch of ice cubes into your progresso manhattan clam chowder bowl - i just imagine the ice cubes melting and failing to mix with the soup, idk. but if you put ice cubes into campbells chicken noodle soup its alright - the cubes are at home and once melted they assimilate nicely with the soup and the temperature is optimal. it's kinda like putting ice in your kool-aid.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Rock & Me

i'd like to be a travler
but i never get too far
whispy weeks of nothingness
seems to be my expertise

hopefully a rock'll find me
and together we'll plunge
because i need that empty air

Gladly I Will

waking up this morning i had a

funny thought

that all mistakes when made

weren't that at all

i cracked a 1/2 a smile and stared

across my room

then i walked outside and laughed

off my impending doom

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Fourth Of July

the Fourth of July is supposed to be about independence, and that's what i intend to make it about. two days from now i will leave, and i won't turn back. of course i'll have to skip out on all those parties i wasn't invited to. but screw getting drunk for once - i do that everyday anyway, it's time to celebrate the holiday that celebrates the day in history this great country was established.

i will be going alone. i did invite a few people - 4 to be exact (erin, mo, jack and caitlin[in that order]) but everyone had plans so my destiny was created.

1. Erin had a Fourth of July party she mustn't miss
2. Mo had work and money that needs to be made.
3. Jack had a dentist appointment scheduled for Monday.
4. Caitlin had previous plans to hang with her family.

as i formed the plan i believed it might even fall apart, that i might chicken out and opt instead to do what most of you will be doing this Saturday. but i saw the sign, or rather heard the song i saw the sign and i realized that for me to emulate my own personal hero Alexander Supertramp, i must leave with, or without company.

i've packed a few changes of clothes, my longboard, a sleeping bag and several classic novels as well as two maps. one of the east coast, and one of d.c. - my destination. i just need to pick up a few disposable cameras, some progresso soup, and maybe a shitload of water.

i hope this goes as well as i think it's gonna.
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