Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Can Stay At Your Place

i know you see me as my eyes plead with yours to scoop me up and carry me home. is it okay if i call it home now too? they left me out there to die, the knives in so deep they're jabbed in the bone, and i'll take them out when we get back, i just can't do it alone.

the entire ride home we baked in the suspense, refusing to break the damp silence, but i wanted so badly to share it all with you - to tell you everything. i wanted to tell you how i expended all my energy avoiding aged demons that kept me from sleeping, and how all the dodging did me no good cause once i was drained they let themselves in and did a dance on the past couple years, spared me nothing, i got stabbed all the times i had coming. but i knew you wouldn't judge me like the others. you stopped my breakdown, made me turn corners. and i was broken, but you were boring. i was hostile, but you sought more from it.

i'm glad i survived this long, so my enemies couldn't see me die, the last bits of anger dripping out on your floor, at the very beginning when you pulled them out all you could hear was the frustrations pour.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What Can't Be

i can't wait to get away, i'll be on the ocean blue
and when i look out at the waves
i know i'll think of me and you

tortured nights out back on the warmth with the patio
screaming for you to understand why i can't let you go
the trueness of my love is impossible to fade
the tender moments stuffed with love
can never bend or break

and maybe you don't see it, it's quite possible you're blind
walking with a stick, searching for what you'll never find
and i'm right beneath you,
i'm the ground you walk
i'm a foundation that's not up to code
and i could use your help

and just like that the water would calm
bring me back to my hometown
i know i'll always think of you,
coming back when i do
and if i could just let go
who knows what i could sow
but tossed out on this fair sea
all that's left is me

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Sight That Can't Been Seen, A Rhapsody

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the vast emptiness that has taken up residence in my chest has given me a second chance
i have a type, and it's wielding feelings like slick weaponry
i wanna shoot you down, and drag you back with me
but, will i once again let regret rain down?  dropping bombs that sound of change and send me further out from now
it's just, i know you see past my eyes directly to my brain, the way we look at eachother - it's hard to explain.

we leave verbal words for the rest of our deaf/dumb friends.  we communicate like two book ends, the compliment our relations create make the elements melt away.  it's only us on those days. and when we share those looks i drop straight to a dream.

i'm barefoot in the den and you're in the kitchen and we're sharing laughs that span an entire house we won't ever come out from.  and centuries down the road our blood will still flow in the great make up of the whole damn earth.  and it's something we'll never quite know.

i'm sure that love will take us, at least back to your place, if we ever do get vocal.
i know exactly when we met, how i never saw someone like you, happy as a fool, like me i believed there was distress and restlessness underneath.  i can't wait to let you explode right onto me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Tell Me" Responded The Believer

we're too proud of our struggles, and useless luggage
and yet we find everything we've been searching for all without trouble
so if it's good to think wisely, how come it doesn't feel fine (it strands you with nothing)
but i've broke through it all, it's just the free fall
you know how we end up? declared demons of our species, the grave robbers, and decadent beauty, all wind up the same, a face in a frame, on a wall in a house
all built with bare hands, the only things that still stand.  all our frequent dreams, they conclude - the curtain dropping is what finally stops us
so heavenly father, please, tell me this - should i look down?
because i lost something trying not to get it stolen
i'm about to show all my cards, i'm folding
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