Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Unsuccessful Attempt At Loitering

at the request of a friend i will recount this story, not that i want to at all.

picture a shady CVS on a dim lit hawkins avenue (in lake ronkonkoma if you know it). to the right of an obscure grocery store (looks like more of a general store of sorts, something you would find upstate), which is to the right of the even more obscure CVS, is a triple s 99¢ store. i have no idea what the triple s stands for, but at this point i'd like to think its "stupid shitty stuff". this cheap convenience store actually looked rather inviting from the outside, even with its very ordinary attempts at it with neon lights and cartoon like signs. and i'm gonna be honest with you all and skip the part where i excuse the stop at such a 99¢ store because of harsh economic times and the need to be thrifty. i love cheap things and always have.

but back to the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. me and my friends entered the store like a burst of fresh energy in the vacant arena that was triple s. however within seconds we were brought down to reality when a small pudgy middle eastern man came from behind the counter and interrupted our bliss with "i'm about to close you can't be here, i don't have time for this". this would have been acceptable had it been 5 minutes to 8 or something, but it wasn't. it was just after 7:30. what time could he possibly be closing that he had to rush? why didn't he want us to take a look around? as i recount the story i'm running into a bit of a problem with the fact that this so called 99¢ store was selling cigarettes, and now i'm tossing the idea around that triple s could be a front?!?!?!?

but the man with little patience refused to sell the cigarettes to my friend after jotting down the number 49 and clearly fumbling the math which composed of confirming that my friend is over 19, when my friend is actually 22. he seemed anxious and bothered by us, insisting that he couldn't "risk it". i wondered what his problem was. did he think we were the feds showing up to stop his shady side business of gambling rings. or did he think we looked like thieves? was he pissed because he knew we had no plans of purchasing anything from his store?

we watched from the parking lot as other patrons entered the store with no problem. we plotted our revenge. and then we told the first person we saw to never go there again.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Circle Of Strife

a few weeks ago me and my friend and her sister were parked in front of her house. they have several cats that are free to roam the outside. none of that indoor declawed cat crap my friends. these cats take the term house cat and throw it on its ass.

so my friend notices that her cat half-face is pouncing around playing with something, and upon closer inspection she confirms that it is a mouse. after a few moments of watching the poor mouse get tossed around from paw to paw, or rather claw to claw, i suddenly felt compelled to save the helpless rodent. i began to get out of the car. the cat was at the height of its fun. repeatedly letting the mouse go and then catching it again, then holding it in the mouth and proudly walking about. just before i was about to intervene my friend stopped me and said to allow nature to take its course. i felt kinda terrible but i figured the mouse would die from the injuries anyway so i let it go. a few minutes went by and the mouse was just a lifeless carcass. the cat now several feet away from the scene.

the next night in the same situation we witnessed a family of raccoons pick the dead mouse up and carry it off. i felt some of the guilt die away.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



  1. Pros - to be in favor of an opinion, a proponent of an issue, an argument for something
  2. Pros - the shortened form of professional, commonly used in sports terminology
  3. Prose - the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure
  4. Purr-Hoes - a member of the Felis Domestica family who works on the corner or through craigs list, usually a side effect of a strong addiction to the nip

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Votes Are In: My Problem Is?

i just had this crazy thought about how i've spent probably the last 5 years or so trying to "quit" certain things. i use quotes because as hard as i usually try, and some people closest to me might say that it isn't very hard, the results are always shameful. just to give you a small glimpse into these past 5 years the things plaguing me have ranged from your ordinary cigarettes, alcohol, nail biting, pot, excessive t.v. and cursing to more bohemian things such as being in any way rude, losing my belongings, saving garbage, and being too friendly and trustworthy (btw very difficult if you just are that type of person and i eventually decided that it would take a lifes journey to turn that around). i sort of realized that this process/system, whatever you wanna call it, has NEVER worked for me so why do i continue to try. of course here you can insert such phrases as "never give up", "keep moving forward", "one step back but two steps forward". however we all smell the bullshit of such phrases and i dont think i've ever really heard one of these and suddenly a war was waged against myself and my pitfalls and i had that fire that i was lacking to slay my bad habits. HAHAHAHA.

okay so what i came up with is instead of QUITTING things in the future i'm gonna try and JOIN or BEGIN new things. crazy right?!?!?! i figure maybe my time spent on the new things will eventually lead to me phasing out the bad things. and hey, it's worth a shot.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sayings And Such

it's hard to tell sometimes what we appreciate in life, and we easily take things for granted in a world where we make things happen at the snap of our fingers. however, there will always remain certain activities that we cannot control or speed up. one of these is boiling water. and i know you've heard the phrase "like watching water boil" and you know its meant to imply a grueling realistically short but seemingly infinite time period where you are simply waiting to move on to the next step, and the only real obstacle in your way is bringing this water to its boiling point.

yesterday i was at my best friends house and she was preparing cheese macaroni which requires boiling water. she ran the tap water into the pot and placed it on the stove. now we wait. but instead of walking away and passing time with conversation or a t.v. show we stood and stared into the pot of non-boiling, room temperature water. the small bubbles on the bottom of the pot started to form and suddenly i was looking at the surface of the moon. i was rather shocked that i could see something even remotely creative in this pot of boiling water. wasn't watching water boil supposed to be a hellish nightmare? as we continued to look i started concentrating on single bubbles, just waiting for them to lift up to the top of the pot. after what seemed like an instant the bubbles were rising to the top at an astonishing rate that didn't even seem possible a second ago. the water had come to a boil and we were left to pour the uncooked macaroni into the boiling water.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Falling Out Of Love

a new year.
a new year?

…so my first ever blog post and i figured i’d start the year off with a topic that is seldom, if ever, addressed: how do we as humans fall out of love with others? now i’ve thought about it and decided that there are two major ways in which we fall out of love.

1. the thirty something year itch: when you simply can’t stand the person sleeping next to you anymore after several decades of marriage and everything that goes along with that. Whether it’s kids or money the tensions have grown along with the hate and consequently you become disgusted at your current situation and at “what has happened to you”. Of course i’m totally unfamiliar with this situation as i have never been married, and barely have 20 years under my belt =), but i believe i’ve seen it…alot. i’m sure that growing tired of someone is falling out of love.

2. they treated your heart like that plate at a jewish wedding: when the person you love quite simply distroys your heart and all the love it possessed for its destroyer with one act that is unforgiveable. i imagine this seems worse but i’m still reluctant to commit to that thought as a fact though. this is quick, a shock. the pain seems at times unbearable, and the absence of the love you once owned and cherished is no longer available to you as much as you’d like you channel it. you will neverloveagainlikeyoudidbeforethis.

but what about when you want to fall out of love? huh, then what?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

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