Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trash Is My Treasure

so i remember a while back those fancy soups waged a war against poor ol campbells for being mostly water. of course in the nature of corporate competition campbells quickly introduced the world to campbells chunky. as i recall from the commercials a guy eating condensed soup was shunned by his peers who considered the soup unsatisfactory and "childish". i always thought it to be a pretty stupid ad campaign and i dont really think you have to sell the fact that non-condensed soup is better. however, consider this: would it seem right to place a bunch of ice cubes into your progresso manhattan clam chowder bowl - i just imagine the ice cubes melting and failing to mix with the soup, idk. but if you put ice cubes into campbells chicken noodle soup its alright - the cubes are at home and once melted they assimilate nicely with the soup and the temperature is optimal. it's kinda like putting ice in your kool-aid.

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