Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Say "Maybe This One Time"

about a week ago i was exhausted lying in my bed, probably about 10 minutes and i would have been out cold. mo was laying next to me waiting for her boyfriend to get out of work and retrieve her ass. then my phone rings and it's my ex-boyfriend robert. as i'm staring at the incoming call screen i wildly decide that instead of ignoring him like i usually opt to do i'll just pick it up and hold my ground that i am in no way hanging out. i pick up his call and we of course go through the usual whats up blah blah blah, basically the precursor to an invite over his house. in my head i'm preparing my speech on how tired i am - so tired that i would in fact crash the car if i tried to drive - then he cuts to the chase with "wanna come over i have a whole lot of salvia"
i was awake.
now i'm not anywhere near a strong advocate of drug use but at this moment i was almost as excited as those twilight fans when a new trailer comes out. my eyes lit up and i told him i'd be right over, not sparing a second.

now i had smoked salvia like a year earlier with a friend and her boyfriend and it didn't affect me too bad. of course i did think the room would behave like a gerbil wheel if i decided to run up the wall. but case in point my head was on straight i knew what was going on. things would change.

salvia comes in all different potencies but still when mo was explaining that i was gonna be a wreck i brushed it off and thought she must be a wuss. turns out i was wrong.

when i got to his house i was super antsy to take my hit. rob packed the bowl, handed me the lighter and sent me on my way. i lit the bowl took a long deep hit, held it in for as long as i could, and then exhaled. within seconds i slipped into the fourth dimension. and this probably sounds totally asinine but i'm thinking way outside the box after that. eg: yesterday i'm thinking to myself like why dont they just do social experiments, lets live on the edge and kick morals to the curb, but then i'm like wait we could be the social experiment "planet earth".

woah baby.
and it's not even like i'd want to smoke the salvia again, it's a real far-out trip. i now refer to it as a space drug hah. but i mean it changed my inner mind workings in a good way.

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