Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Grappling Hooks & Ladders

i let myself go with you
top shelf, but to hell with you
and you said the best is yet to come
to death- let's rest before it comes
i'm unsure of a cure for your lure
it's a war - top drawer - where
i keep a map of the madness
what for? you got it up there
you a bad bitch, give me one more
chance, at long last a fire in my
heart, wrongly cast you a liar
you're selling, i'm a buyer
you yelling, i'm a crier, fall
i'm behind ya
wanna call? i got a line for ya
- nah stall, that's your style
put up them walls about a mile, high
guess you want me to give up
if it's a test don't expect me to keep up
i'm gonna leap over that wall called jesus
he gave me reason to quit behaving
like a sleazy no good demon

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