Thursday, July 14, 2016

Retreat With Our Tears

i came into your job
& the first thought to come to mind
pop into my head - was holy shit
you'd look great in any color apron
i pointed you out to my friend & i
was feeling oddly shy while she called you over
you were serving your friends
but you came on over, asked for my number again
this was when i noticed, for certain -you'd been crying
i'd spent so many days on the job
doing exactly the same

so let me come with you, i'll leave all my issues
off to the side, off with my pride, all just to see your smile
and i think i might love you, but i'll never say it
i have a way with making it known, i'll keep the love out on loan
but i'll never forget the look on your face when he came and said
"oh but we're older, death is much closer"
everything's changed & stayed exactly the same
if you haven't noticed you signed my death notice

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