Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Treason

where is all that's wrong with me?
i'm not sure where is goes
is it visible to you, because i always feel the tow
it's taxing and my knees ache
i shoulder this disease though
and oftentimes i find the weight unnerving
is it just the curve of learning?
so bend it's bound to break
and i'm praying for my sake
and yours and ours
but trust me as i say
"i know words just drift away
 - but i love you more each day"
it's tender but i need your trust
i'll dissipate in all this lust
you can't merely be a lesson
the reason of all my apprehension
love they say is fleeting
but gosh girl, you're every season
my sole reason for believing
for my existence seems a treason
if i'm not with you give me reason

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