Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Her Cycle Leaked"

i work at a dry cleaners and i mean people always think like "ew you touch peoples dirty clothes", and for the most part no. you'd be crazy to think that people bring in dirty clothes to get clean, these are borderline clean clothes. sometimes folded. okay so there is the occasional cat piss, cat puke, cat whatever - and you can tell all your cat loving friends that preach about how clean cats are that the majority of animal related stains are from cats - but you just hold the corner and try not to breathe through your nose, no big deal. and i think mothballs are an acquired scent, if you will.

the phone rings at the cleaners, i pick up. on the other line is a young girl looking for my manager, i can tell she's in a pickle. she is very hesitant on the phone and for at least 30 seconds all i heard was sighs and heavy breathing, until she finally says she has a customer with a stain on her pants. just getting that out of her took forever. after i had to twist her arm to hear why the hell she's calling she tells me "this customers cycle leaked and she doesn't want a man to see it so we're gonna send it over in a separate bag with a note for Cindy". did i really just hear that? what a fucked up choice of words...her "cycle leaked". i wanted to tell her it sounded like a personal problem. but at the same time if your "cycle" wasn't leaking wouldn't that be bad? i kinda think leak is a word reserved for plumbing issues. and the second part about not wanting a man to see whaaaaaaaaat the hell, only one woman works at my job and if you think shes gonna like hand wash your period stains out and not be totally repulsed you've lost it...or probably never had it to begin with.

after all this at the end of our conversation she asks me to repeat it all back to her. so i say "you got pants with a period stain you're gonna send them over separately". she then sighs for what seems like forever and says "never mind i'll just call Cindy in the morning".


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