Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bemusement At It's Best (And Then Some)

i thought: i couldn't live without you.
and once at my job you parked out front, and i ran out to your car - your window was down and i wanted to kiss you, i didn't. it was the first time i was taller than you. i liked that, and i wondered if you had noticed.

i flash forward: another time i was asleep on the couch - but i heard you cleaning up and i didn't know in a few days you'd kill me. or maybe just cast me aside. well, i haven't stopped disappointing since. it's only now, after i've tossed the doctrine we made years ago out, am i able to sit down and see that i was waiting in a vacuum for your fresh air. had i painted a self-portrait when i was with you it would look something like a smothered sun behind the whitest cloud.

today i've walked off your path, and out of my rotten dreams that had been festering long after their expiration date. and i was pleased when i found new life and affections. and this time i'm convinced it's for real. unlike the life with you, a collection of dialogues in which neither of us were present.

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