Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opinions, POV's, And The Whole Shebang

how hard is it to respect other's opinions? damn hard, that's how hard - but why? we all see things differently for an array of reasons, but i think it's hard for people to grasp that opinions can't be right or wrong and on top of that everyone is entitled to their own. bastards! hahah I LOVE LIFE. but anyway, it's a great adventure because opinions can be mean, nice, selfish, uneducated, researched, stupid, foul -and well just about anything right.

hey, do you think it's entirely impossible to disagree with an opinion but still respect it? for instance a racist opinion - how can you respect that? opinions are a tough topic if you ask me. we should respect other peoples opinions because being closed minded isn't a good look for anyone.
and i've tried to be honest in my own opinions and at times it's hard because i'm non-confrontational (sober anyway) and i dont want to offend anyone with my own stupidity.

but i think therefore i am - and what are we really without our opinions?

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