Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taboo And Witchcraft

i have been let down and devastated by the good folks who write the daily horoscopes. what is this nonsense about finding love at work? aren't horoscopes supposed to be for the layman, the men and women seated at home on their comfy couch, watching their programs, holding a salted bagel in their left hand. and on that salted bagel is vegetable cream cheese. and in their right hand is a red felt-tip pen they're using to circle help wanted ads. aren't these writers aware of the current level of unemployment!?!?!? it really puts a bad taste in my mouth at the start of the day, just a reminder of my lack of credible work. good deeds may not go unnoticed, but they always go unpaid. they think just cause they're employed everyone else stupid is. way to jump to conclusions, or did they horoscopize that too? fuck 'em. i'm calling for a complete boycott of horoscopes.

and anyway for the poor fools who find themselves employed the writers shouldn't be filling their head with fairy tales of fiery romantic encounters at work.

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