Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've Got These Scars That I'm Hiding From Times That I Should Have Died And I Drink To Remember Them All

i got a crack in my iPod screen, it's large and spans basically the entire screen. i dropped it right on it's face on a tile floor. i really wasn't as upset as i thought i'd be and i'll tell you why.

because although the screen is cracked it's a mere flaw. it still has all the same capabilities as it had before. now just with a reminder.

i looked at it, accepting the crack, and when i did i thought about myself. maybe sometimes things happen and you make it out okay, other times you're left with a scar, a crack - you didn't. you live with it. but you still have the same capabilities as before. before you screwed up momentarily, or were harmed and left permanently damaged.

it's all still there.

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