Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tribulation (The Trouble) < Trials (The Attempt)

here with you, but off to the side, after days the pain subsides
i watch you with the fury of all the bitter days
but handling it can only surely save me
from the candid pain
walking through the doors, i walk a step behind
living in the last season, there's still so much to find
i'm in a bout of rain, that i bring to the engagements
that only seems to stop when snow hits the pavement
my suicidal thoughts, while branching off from lavish lessons
erupt with flimsy reason, slams me to the prior season
while in this backward motion, i continue on
i never get to rid of you, my face red as i recite
this awful situation back to the pages in my diary
it's like reading a future where repetition's not easy
one day after then next, all filled with fear
jumping off the pages are solemn scenes,
with all the same faces
i erase and rip them up to save me from imitation


i want to ask you simple questions
given with a steady voice
without all of the flowery emotion
you've heard so much before

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