Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Be Read Aloud

i feel so lonely, to the point where i wrote this for you - i hope you like love it
where in the past i wouldn't answer, just to let your interest peak
now i stare at the phone, i dream i'll hear you speak
it's me who cast the first stone, and the second, maybe the third
but now i bury my head in the sand, and i disband - because you didn't stick with me
i'm devastated you didn't fight from all the way back, odds against you, even with me
you let that ship sail, and i crashed upon a razor sharp shore with all the heartbreak in the world
and life has become a disease, where death would be a breeze
it's all about the unforgiving seas of losing love that you know won't be retrieved
that will remind you everyday why your worth is weak
and all the warmth you've ever felt was fake and from machines


  1. Beautifully depressing. :/ Still, an excellent portrayal on words, kudos.

  2. Beautifully depressing my friend, good to see you back.

  3. welcome back! nice to hear from you.. :)

  4. I was hoping that you would come back! You are a very talented person, and this new one of yours after so long of not hearing from you definitely reminds us all!

  5. Was wondering when you'd post something new. Not disappointed.


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