Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Keep It That Way

for my sake
it still kills me when i see you're out
on the town, where you still look down on me
and when you stray away from the perfect party
you'll blame it on your waning sobriety 
that you still can't stand to think of me
your hand at mine is forever gone
so you can't believe you dashed your chance
of ever becoming part of the us
where free will was met with doubtful lust
but if we could of caved in, and lived
together without all those evil eyes
but i couldn't convince you, i wouldn't
inhibit you, so i
took a holiday, staying away, and now that
i'm on it, i'm not smiling
i'm too out of breathe from dodging guiles


  1. great job again. i have never been able to write poetry and am amazed by those who do...and do it well, like you!

  2. wow, that was powerfully sad Meghan...

    But it's great to see you still at it after my little absence. You have a great talent and a lot to draw from.


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