Thursday, August 18, 2011

Messes Make Themselves

or so i learned
solo or so low, what's the difference - you
now that i met you and defined the love
i'm totally, broken, i want to wash away the filth
drown my love in a river, and watch it float away
i hope the body gets recovered, and there's somewhere it can stay
i see you eye it as thrills, it makes my heart pummel
makes me wonder when you'll break it - i'm a fiend
in all the satisfaction and ache it means
i'd love to put a stake through it, keep it in a cage
secure it with locks - so it wouldn't get away
and i only want to please you
i've never felt this way, it's an eruption of my soul
i want you to have me all, not a fraction, not an inch
but what's fair and right doesn't exist  in this epic fight
i think i'll throw a knockout punch, but i can't make a fist
surrendered with your company, it's my love affair with bliss
the science of the situation seems to go as this,
love is as love needs, the drugs we breathe
the microscope i put others under stands deserted under the covers
and my constant fever makes me crazy
all brought on by you baby

1 comment:

  1. This is a twisted kind of passion isn't it o_o


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