Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sayings And Such

it's hard to tell sometimes what we appreciate in life, and we easily take things for granted in a world where we make things happen at the snap of our fingers. however, there will always remain certain activities that we cannot control or speed up. one of these is boiling water. and i know you've heard the phrase "like watching water boil" and you know its meant to imply a grueling realistically short but seemingly infinite time period where you are simply waiting to move on to the next step, and the only real obstacle in your way is bringing this water to its boiling point.

yesterday i was at my best friends house and she was preparing cheese macaroni which requires boiling water. she ran the tap water into the pot and placed it on the stove. now we wait. but instead of walking away and passing time with conversation or a t.v. show we stood and stared into the pot of non-boiling, room temperature water. the small bubbles on the bottom of the pot started to form and suddenly i was looking at the surface of the moon. i was rather shocked that i could see something even remotely creative in this pot of boiling water. wasn't watching water boil supposed to be a hellish nightmare? as we continued to look i started concentrating on single bubbles, just waiting for them to lift up to the top of the pot. after what seemed like an instant the bubbles were rising to the top at an astonishing rate that didn't even seem possible a second ago. the water had come to a boil and we were left to pour the uncooked macaroni into the boiling water.

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