Monday, January 5, 2009

Falling Out Of Love

a new year.
a new year?

…so my first ever blog post and i figured i’d start the year off with a topic that is seldom, if ever, addressed: how do we as humans fall out of love with others? now i’ve thought about it and decided that there are two major ways in which we fall out of love.

1. the thirty something year itch: when you simply can’t stand the person sleeping next to you anymore after several decades of marriage and everything that goes along with that. Whether it’s kids or money the tensions have grown along with the hate and consequently you become disgusted at your current situation and at “what has happened to you”. Of course i’m totally unfamiliar with this situation as i have never been married, and barely have 20 years under my belt =), but i believe i’ve seen it…alot. i’m sure that growing tired of someone is falling out of love.

2. they treated your heart like that plate at a jewish wedding: when the person you love quite simply distroys your heart and all the love it possessed for its destroyer with one act that is unforgiveable. i imagine this seems worse but i’m still reluctant to commit to that thought as a fact though. this is quick, a shock. the pain seems at times unbearable, and the absence of the love you once owned and cherished is no longer available to you as much as you’d like you channel it. you will neverloveagainlikeyoudidbeforethis.

but what about when you want to fall out of love? huh, then what?

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