Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Circle Of Strife

a few weeks ago me and my friend and her sister were parked in front of her house. they have several cats that are free to roam the outside. none of that indoor declawed cat crap my friends. these cats take the term house cat and throw it on its ass.

so my friend notices that her cat half-face is pouncing around playing with something, and upon closer inspection she confirms that it is a mouse. after a few moments of watching the poor mouse get tossed around from paw to paw, or rather claw to claw, i suddenly felt compelled to save the helpless rodent. i began to get out of the car. the cat was at the height of its fun. repeatedly letting the mouse go and then catching it again, then holding it in the mouth and proudly walking about. just before i was about to intervene my friend stopped me and said to allow nature to take its course. i felt kinda terrible but i figured the mouse would die from the injuries anyway so i let it go. a few minutes went by and the mouse was just a lifeless carcass. the cat now several feet away from the scene.

the next night in the same situation we witnessed a family of raccoons pick the dead mouse up and carry it off. i felt some of the guilt die away.

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