Saturday, April 25, 2009

Faceless Memories

when i don't see someone for a bit i slowly forget what they look like. its the first step in a fading memory of someone. it's like when a tv program gets cancelled, and at first it's all so fresh - but after a while you can't even remember the shows name, maybe a few plots and the theme song if you're lucky. i have too many faceless memories of people. i might remember a certain feature, turning my memory into something along the lines of "fat and big ears" or "bushy eyebrows and pointy nose". i never imagine it happening to anyone, them turning into this faceless memory. i can't comprehend how after i saw someone everyday for years within months they can fall out and become diluted, failed memories. memories that end up straining you to recall the precious details that make up a persons facial structure. and maybe you can look at a photograph, but it's not yours to have at your beck and call, waiting for you to need it, so it can be displayed and you can move on without that empty dry feeling on the other side. the one that yells disappointment. that hurt that lets you know that person is gone, if not in reality then in your god damn memory where you needed them to stay and wait for you to call on them.

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  1. I agree this happens to me a lot. The weirdest part is when you have dreams of people that you never see. The other day I had a dream of Mike and he was fat with long hair. Like WTF?

    So in 10 years from now when your sitting in your kitchenette with 3 screaming kids your gonna say, " fro and a jew nose, thats all I can remember." How sad. In the end we are all stripped down to our most memorable parts. Yours will be your penis. and your red hat.

    HAHAHAH just kidding. about the penis thing.


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