Saturday, April 11, 2009

"The Time Has Come" The Walrus Said

so, a black cat crossed my path. it was the first time that's happened.
and then i almost hit an orange cat driving. i've been feeling, well, shitty. so i went out an bought a leather camel at 15 bucks from the flea market, it's from india. it's hard to imagine a camel looking valiant and strong, rather than feeble and boring. i for some reason think this camel is going to pull me out of this slump. i purchased it for that particular reason. it's senseless i know, but isn't everything that's comfortable. camels are a lot like llamas, physically anyway.

and another thing. in the process of ridding persons/places/and things from my personal life something just a bit short of amazing happened. because you know how in this dangerous age of technological rule anytime you go to delete something the bot on the other side, in an act that eerily resembles sovereignty protection, will produce a window that will pop up just after you click to delete the unwanted gigabytes asking you "Are you SURE you want to delete this?". it's like a last minute attempt at creating all these do or die thoughts within you. the second guessing usually begins. am i sure? does this text message actually contain pertinent information i will at some point need in the future? hahah, but to cut to the chase if i may, i went to delete something from my phone and i didn't actually want to, but i needed to yanno and as for the part where the bot has absolutely no faith in my ability to click the correct button, it didn't happen. there was no is-this-your-final-answer moment. but i guess it was, for now.

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