Monday, February 8, 2010

Wilder On Ice

Dear Diary,

I finally went ahead with that laser eye surgery I had been putting off. I haven't seen a thing in two days, and my attitude towards Phil has reached disgust. Without the sight of his perfect jawline and flawless skin i remember what a dull man he is, previously i would have labeled him merely an annoyance . He has completely lost sight of his life, or rather just life.

Just to throw some salt in the wound he asked his mother to stay with us and help me out with the children. She's a wicked woman, and I've despised every ounce of her since the day she told Phil not to marry me. She cited my background. Her mother was a stateswoman for years who finally made headlines when she legalized the solicitation of sex. Her father was a pirate, but I always interpreted this as a lie she used to conceal the fact that her mother had no idea who her real father was.

Anyway her own mother bred her like a thoroughbred. In fact my favorite story is one where Mrs. Wilder was just a girl out front on their Massachusetts estate and she was playing in the garbage with some of her cousins. When her mother got wind of the situation she ran outside like the house was going to burn down behind her and she screamed "Marcy if you pick up trash like that one day in the future you'll be picked up by trash". The young Mrs. Wilder briskly turned to her mother and shot back that maybe her future was so bright she was just blinded by it sometimes, thus leading her to err. She was eight at the time. I guess her mother had known all too well about playing with garbage, and the repercussions associated with doing so.

Tonight I'm supposed to go for drinks with the girls, but I informed them I won't be dragged around like some sort of invalid just because of these hideous glasses I have to wear. However, I do intend to keep to myself especially since rumor has it the Davenports are having marital spats daily and the mister is a frequenter at the bar. I've been smitten with him since they moved to the block, and i'm going to make certain he doesn't see me in this incapable state.

Damn my lousy eyes.

Elizabeth Wilder

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