Friday, July 3, 2015

I Remember Things As They Were

what sort of person openly passes up love to get schooled with a fresh new face that came out out of no where/ i would have never known except for the picture in the corner on the page i couldn't turn/ i always had a sub par benign and dastardly outlook on love/ a life that wasn't far from my cynical explosions/ mass social sex appeal and the last coach my ex would steal/ heal? how could it when i never signed the deposition, i lined my mind with recognition of your features/ the less than fiction idea that we just might reunite/ a sight with me, you, the night/ the torture chamber you refer to as our relationship has wicked dips and dives/ catching my breath to stay alive/ and you thrive off my despair and have not a single qualm to dive off into the shallow waters where your only remaining knowledge of me exists/ lovely heartache on the brink of a revolution/ one that will sink the "new school/ you're complicated and opinionated, it's a win-win when we're dating/ my sins that leave me caving/ they're what keep you operating/ lopsided situations where we wish we didn't find ourselves/ it's that kind of hurt that's left me feeble and unbalanced/ and you're just evil and callus/

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