Sunday, November 22, 2015

Feeling The Difference

i'm eating this banana and i think of you, growing up fro the roots but releasing fruit. the danger i always stayed away from, so one day when i came home you told me you threw all the evidence in the bottom of the pool. i was never a strong swimmer, and now it was winter. all these catch 22s you put me through. almost all my love was a product of you outsmarting me. and the people passing swore our love was in a casket, but i objected - of course we had moments of resentment, but we had more tokens of affection, our feelings weren't cloaked in apprehension.

and what is holy matrimony but a whole big tax bonus? will a ring on a finger really bring you to linger - good times or bad? well isn't that the promise they made? i just want a promise you'll stay for as long as we're happy this way. it doesn't have to be in front of god or certified, and when it's no longer worth your time i won't curse the course of our relationship, i'll get lost in the times i felt the difference.

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