Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Speed Of Light

when a girl tells you to kiss her, you kiss her.

and so i did, but oh what i missed. a list of lip locked emotions just floating in the air, you silently shouted i'm grasping at straws. then a roar of quiet, and i'm thinking...i'm sorry, but her smile was golden, her hair like an ocean. emitting love like a potion, i'm certain the curtain is closing on us, our robust hearts, we're perfect a flush, we follow suit and we;re just in time. we were about to fold? oh, no. i'll hang on if you never let go. although a distance feels fitting, you in this place of position where i could keep you off limits. these small snare traps i set to catch the pieces of you that run from me. i summon them but you keep them on a short leash and behind a brick wall. i can see past all your past troubles, you never place them in today and for that i am grateful. the example, you set it, where i first remembered our pasts can be trampled and left in the dust, mine had been a constant companion gaining rust. when i look in your eyes i see so much, but they're not plastered with hurt like everyone else i know. and that's what i write home about. don't be nervous my family will love you. yes that is a strong word i explain to my spanish friend. the powerless words i use to describe fear, they're making my hands itch, and my mind can't resist - it follows my hands. i told everyone this was my last stand, believing it was my last chance. the rules you set, i was such a fool to accept, but i did, now i live with it. this irish catholic motion sickness i never grew into. my mind moves a mile a minute, how do you ever catch up with the speed of light?

the first line, the most poignant i've ever written, they don't diminish when i remember they're about you.

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