Friday, December 4, 2015

Truth Be Told

the divinity in your eyes, it kept me hypnotized. i kept shaking my head but you waited and said "lets plunge into this together". it was the last word that shouldered the burden and shook the ground i stood on wide open. we - misunderstood, would figure it out as one. never for a single second did i get to stressing on what we might become - what i might have done differently, lives within me. i try and address it, my therapist says its best if i forgive you, i ask if that's a test i'm supposed to live through? she who always guessed best on what i would do next, knew i'd get reckless when i witnessed my youth,

leaving with you.

it's been a bunch of years to where when i say "i love you" it's like you're my cousin. this is what i dreaded when we ended it. all the second chances passed, now i see i'll have to last and build and grow without you. i still cast your image in the snow and watch it melt. i swear i'm on my best behavior, to be tested by my savior, i won't wager but this favor you're doing me helps. it helps my whole heart. and i felt everything in me win back it's dignity. i tackle my sins every Sunday and in someway i know it helps, and i forgive you and i forgive myself for having dealt with you so poorly, i felt i needed more of me, so there was less for you, i guess it's true - hindsight is 20/20 - and with you in my light i just pray you don't

forget me.

it helps.

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