Monday, April 11, 2011

What Can't Be

i can't wait to get away, i'll be on the ocean blue
and when i look out at the waves
i know i'll think of me and you

tortured nights out back on the warmth with the patio
screaming for you to understand why i can't let you go
the trueness of my love is impossible to fade
the tender moments stuffed with love
can never bend or break

and maybe you don't see it, it's quite possible you're blind
walking with a stick, searching for what you'll never find
and i'm right beneath you,
i'm the ground you walk
i'm a foundation that's not up to code
and i could use your help

and just like that the water would calm
bring me back to my hometown
i know i'll always think of you,
coming back when i do
and if i could just let go
who knows what i could sow
but tossed out on this fair sea
all that's left is me


  1. This is wonderful great job thanks.

  2. Great write-up. Really enjoyed this.

    Keep them coming!

  3. That was an amazing poem :D

  4. that is strangely soothing....

  5. Always with the poignancy - you always make me pause, reflect, gaze all wistful-like into the distance.

  6. Excellent use of language as usual.

  7. nice poem. also is your last name really moran? hehe "grow a brian, moran!"

  8. It does have a sadness to it. Very nice.

  9. "i'm a foundation that's not up to code"
    love that line. clever stuff.

  10. I have to agree with the poster above me - I LOVED that line. You have a tremendous way with words!

  11. great stuff you're writing here :)

  12. The way you set up the lines and stanzas, it had a really good rhythm to it when I read it. I think with a friend who knows guitar (or even yourself, I don't know), you could cook this into a very soulful song!

    Try it out!

  13. Another great post! keep up the good blogging!

  14. this is great, i love the imagery

  15. I liked it. It was very pretty but seemed sad.


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