Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Optimum, Or It's Not

i was on the train, and i always take a look at the poster advertisements. probably because most are for exotic vacations and airline tickets, and at 6am on the way to school nothing seems more desirable. props to the marketing executives responsible for the placement of such ads. anyway i was taking a specific look at one ad with christina applegate (i think and i wanna say i'm pretty sure, definitely in the 85%-95% range) on it with the promise of receiving not one but SEVEN lifetime channels if you make the switch from Optimum iO to Verizon FiOs.

so my first thought is, how the heck can "they*" get enough tv, movie, biopics (a lifetime signature move), whatever to fill 7 channels and all about women in danger and broken homes and teenagers impregnated by their rapists. how many repeats of army wives can one watch? well i thought at least one must be in spanish, but still 6 lifetimes. damn.

but my second thought was what a beautiful symbol for america. because we don't want one lifetime, no. we want seven, or even eight i mean would be nice, right?

*still no clue yet as to who "they" are.

JUST AS A SIDE NOTE: isn't it weird how you drop most things and they just kinda hit the ground with one sudden and instantaneous thud and then it's all over. but sometimes you can drop a bowl and it just continues to make that terrible noise as it wobbles across the floor in a dreidel like fashion until you either pick it up and stop it yourself, or the entire thing just plays out and gravity and friction put it to rest. it's just funny to me because its the one thing you drop and kinda have to like immediately cater to it or else you hear that sound.

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