Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Series Of Unfortunate Events That Led To A Somewhat Fortunate Event....Sorta

i left my car at work the other day because my friend picked me up - when she was dropping me off at my car we noticed two cars parked in the road, in the shoulder, in front of my job. they were parked facing each other and when they saw us pull in they immediately ran to our car, went to the drivers window and proceeded to ask my friend if she would please jump one of their cars. my friend then turned to me and said "meghan can you please do it"

as you read this blog i think it's only fair to assume that you will start to form opinions about me. but i don't want one of those opinions to be that i'm stupid. it might begin to look like i'm stupid and constantly make bad decisions. i do constantly make bad decisions, but i'm not stupid. however, if there are two choices i tend to choose the one that in the long run is overall less attractive, it's not because i'm stupid. it's because i'm an optimist, have all the luck in the world, and am dumb enough to believe in the law of attraction.

my battery had been on the fritz, dying at around a bi-weekly rate. i knew this might not end well. but i felt for them. not too long ago it had been me sitting in the freezing cold dark waiting for a jump, a savior. i liked the idea of that being me to someone else. my friend left me with two complete strangers and two dead batteries on my hands (hers had died trying to jump his). i took out my cables and began the process - but it just wasn't working. we tried both of our cables, and i tried jumping both of their cars. nothing. then more nothing - my battery sizzled out just as i was losing hope either of their cars would ever start again. i stepped off to the side of the road and screamed at nothing, about nothing. it was cold as hell.

i asked to borrow a lighter so i could smoke a cigarette - they invited me to their car. i accepted. the prospect of extra body heat shut up any qualms i had about jumping into a strangers car, plus it'd be hard to kidnap me without a working vehicle. my friend had to come back to jump all of us, but before she did me and the two strangers formed a bit of a friendship. they offered me a hit from their peace pipe and the guy kept repeating "is this not the craziest thing that's ever happened to you? THREE DEAD CARS?!?!?!". i didn't wanna lie so i said nothing - crazier things have happened.

a week later my battery died again, it wasn't much of a problem until i realized i didn't have my cables. my friend had accidentally took them during the previous weeks fiasco. it seemed like a shot in hell, but i called her boyfriend (they share a car) and turns out he was really close to where my car died. so he jumped it and asked that i pick his girlfriend up from work. he was busy and didn't wanna be late. i did it.

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