Friday, February 20, 2009


my pal brittney is driving my Hyundai Elantra down Smithtown Ave. i put immense trust in my friends while they're in the drivers seat, and yesterday was no different. i have my head down because i'm trying to pick the next song on my iPod. i hear brittney say "we're going to make this light" and everything about her face read confidence. with that i immediately raise my head. i wanna know the situation i'm about to be immersed in. and with that i see that we're at least a mile from the light, and i didn't even see it turn green. it was stale. staler than cigarettes purchased online from some offshore neighboring country. i held my breath as i felt her accelerate towards the light. i felt it turning yellow. any second now. i felt the disappointment. but as we made the left onto Church St. it was clear we had indeed made the light. weird.

as we continued on Church St. i acknowledged the rarity of making that light, and how strangely long it was green for. waiting for us almost. i even let brittney know i thought she jinxed us by stating we were going to make the light, and so prematurely. we were excited, and i think we felt almost invisible. smiling at each other like we just won twenty bucks on a scratch off sorta thing.

about a quarter mile down Church is another light at the intersection at Walnut Ave. the light was only put there maybe two years ago and it's always green. it only turns red if someone sets off the sensor on Walnut Ave. but Walnut Ave. is basically non existent and serves almost no purpose. it only turns red if the entire world is pinned against you and just the day before you broke a mirror and walked under a ladder. so in the midst of our happiness that light turned red. it would be foolish not to mention we saw it happen. with our own eyes. after it sunk in we just sorta laughed and looked at each other, because these things happen.


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