Saturday, February 21, 2009

My New Haircut

well, i've been meaning to blog about my haircut for a while now. of course people get haircuts, it's nothing new or special, and i'm not at all trying to impress you with proof i do keep up with my grooming. rather, i've done the unthinkable and cut all my hair off and dyed it blond. it's been less than two months, but i feel as if this could be 3 separate blog entries. but it wont be because that would bore most i believe. i want to first introduce you to my hair prior to the cut: it was brown, long and curly and i almost never brushed it. people compared it to jesus and real (as in a real chance of love, for those who know it). but today my hair is about two inches short at its longest point and its dyed blond. the type of blond that works in no way to conceal the fact you got it dyed. i'm happy with it though. because its easy. and simple.

now one can't undergo such a dramatic change without getting peoples opinions thrust upon them. and i'm okay with that. and i happen to find humor in it. the way people word things. somethings i've heard:

"don't worry it will grow back"
"oh it really doesn't look that bad"

i wasn't worried.

the next thing is the question of why i did this, or what "made" me do this. as if i couldn't just of wanted to do it. so, what caused me to change my hair like this after rocking the same style for years? i tell people my sister and my friend told me to. which is a half truth because i also decided to do it because that day i was thinking i needed a haircut, and my friend a couple hours later noted the same thing. and well i believe in signs so i saw no reason not to give in to their request. and people seem content with that answer, but i can't help but think after hearing it for the twenty-something time that what they really want me to say is that i had the balls to do it, and i really didn't care what people were gonna think. it's almost like they know when it comes down to it that's what gave me the ability to grant my hair such an astonishing change of style.

and the last thing, and this is cute, is that i thought this hair would make me look older. i'm 20, but look about 15. in fact someone working at the movie theater once looked at me and said "wait, you're over 11 right?" but the other day at work a customer had her daughter with her. and the daughter is probably 7 or 8 and shes staring at me and finally looks at her mom and says "isn't she a little young to be working here?"

i almost died, but i felt youthful.

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  1. i love how you say MOST people compared it to jesus and real. i feel like there were only 1-2 people who saw the "real" connection! haha ya scooch


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